Military directly from the Russian army.  “Successes are not amazing”

– It is not too late, but this is a critical moment as these funds will allow Ukraine to stabilize its defense, but it will certainly not significantly change the picture of the battlefield – said guest Grzegorz Kipka when asked about the US support approved by Congress on Saturday.

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According to Lewandowski, the Russian army “did not launch an attack, but was carrying out offensive operations” for half a year. – The successes are not amazing. Capturing individual cities at the cost of thousands of soldiers or hundreds of armored vehicles does not constitute a major success for Russia. The problem is that the attacks are being carried out on a very wide front, at many points. He added that the Ukrainian brigades suffer losses in personnel and equipment and face much greater problems in replenishing them compared to the Russian army.

Military personnel on the situation on the front: Ukraine's capabilities are weakening

– Conscripts who join the Ukrainian army are older and burdened with diseases that do not compensate for the losses, especially among veterans. He stressed that the army is fighting heroically, there are still many experienced people, but their ability is weakening (…) The Ukrainian system is devastatingly ineffective.

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At the same time, the Russians were recruiting between 25,000 and 35,000 a month, Colonel Lewandowski added. Soldiers for training.

The expert drew attention to the poor organization of the Ukrainian army. – Power was seized by factions of leaders who did not fully implement the plans of the General Command. Information was received about ill-treatment of soldiers in some brigades. The brigades were not used optimally, and thousands of soldiers were sent to the rear to carry out logistics and staff operations, Colonel Lewandowski said.

Video: Colonel Piotr Lewandowski in “Guest of Events”

Colonel Lewandowski: Money doesn't fight

Grzegorz Kipka asked his guest if he saw any scenario for ending the war in Ukraine. – Money does not fight. They are important for waging war, but they do not fight. I can't say what the scenario will be. He added that for now it will depend on how efficiently Ukraine and the United States are able to transform the money into very specific assistance tailored to the needs.

He added that the goal is to build a technological advantage, not to provide outdated equipment as was the case before.

– I am a supporter of the thesis of “prepare for the worst, and hope for the best.” The war will end sooner or later, and we do not know what its results will be. The military officer said: I do not think that the Russian army will return to its homeland after the end of the war.

– I do not think that Russian industry will switch to peaceful production. He concluded by saying: In my opinion, Russia is no longer thinking about how the war in Ukraine will end, but rather about what will happen later, and whether there will likely be a need for conflict.

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