Marianna Schreiber speaks candidly about breast augmentation.  This is how she answered a fan's question

Marianna Schreiber Famous for his honesty. On the podcast “We'll talk, we'll see.” She estimated that this could be considered her strength.

Because of this transparency, the media took an interest in her private life. This can be seen, among other things, when her husband, Lukas Schreiber, announced in an interview that their paths were going separate ways. This turned out to be true very quickly
He did not tell his wife about his plans.

“It is unfortunate that my husband decided to comment on our intimate life in the newspapers – this was probably not the best decision of his life. He did not find time to say it to my face,” Marianna Schreiber later wrote in a statement on Instagram.

Today, Mariana focuses on herself, her daughter, and her career. As he admitted “We'll talk, we'll see.”The classes allow her to not think about traumatic experiences.

Marianna Schreiber on Instagram

Marianna Schreiber runs a very popular Instagram account. They are followed by more than 90,000 people. In this way, she gives her fans the opportunity to look into her daily life. He also often organizes a Q&A during which he answers questions asked by fans. She was recently asked if she had undergone breast augmentation surgery. What did she answer?

Marianna Schreiber is candid about breast augmentation

Some time ago, Marianna Schreiber announced on Instagram her recovery after septoplasty.
She also recently showed off a new tattoo. Some fans wonder if she has also opted for other beauty treatments. “Mariana, are your breasts normal?” – asked one Instagram user.

Instagram photo: @marysiaschreiber

Mariana was allowing no guessing. I made it clear right away. “I feel really bad about answering such a question, but I would say yes. When I zoom in I will tell you about it. You know I'm transparent,” she replied.

Sources: ZET Radio/Instagram: @marysiaschreiber

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