Igor Girkin.  Russian spy arrested and released in Crimea

Igor Girkin – A colonel in the Russian reserve Spetsnaz and a volunteer on the side of the Serbs in the Bosnia-Herzegovina war, who was to be detained by the Russians in Crimea. Soon, information appeared that he was released from custody and went to the Ukrainian-Russian front near Kherson.

In 2014, there was the so-called Minister of Defense Donetsk People’s Republic He led the special operations of the separatists. He also cooperated with the FSB and transferred arms between Russia and Ukraine. He participated in the seizure of the buildings of the Ukrainian administration and the kidnapping of OSCE monitors. In 2019, the Dutch Prosecutor’s Office charged him Sr. committing, and thus killing, shooting down a Malaysia Airlines plane over Ukraine in July 2014. An international arrest warrant was issued for him.

Girkin used a variety of data. was like Igor StrelkovI recently used a fake passport with the name Sergey Ranov. According to reporters The Insider and Bellingcat, who tracked his wife’s travels, he traveled with his wife under that name. Runow is Girkin’s maternal grandfather’s nickname. But according to a journalistic investigation, there is no person with such a surname and date of birth (May 12, 1970 – ed.).

In recent years, Jerkin You were supposed to work in the civil sectorAs mentioned on his blog. Journalists decided that he had obtained a forged passport in the name of Ronov from the Russian FSB.

Jerkin’s fake passport:

In 2022, Jerkin’s story gets even more complicated. In June, the media wrote about his high-profile comments in which he criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin. He said, among other things, that the Russian leader would “end up like Gaddafi” and that the Russian Federation would collapse.

Girkin criticizes Putin:

August brought a more unexpected development. On August 13, Russian channels reported on Telegram Gherkin arrested in Crimea. He was supposed to be detained by the Russians when he was using a passport under the pseudonym Runow. He was definitely trying to hide his identity. When he was arrested, he did not have the mustache of his picture.

This information was confirmed by his assistant Alexander Zochkovsky. He stated that Girkin tried to reach Ukraine, but his purpose was not to “make a fuss” and Gherkin had no political goals.

It didn’t take long for the next twist. And on Saturday evening he worked as an advisor to the President of Ukraine Oleksiy Aristovich Gave unofficial information that Jerkin He was released and allowed to enter the Kherson regionwhere he will fight. It is not known whether Gherkin actually ended up in Ukraine and whether he did it of his own free will.

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