January 29, 2023


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MCU – Who will perform in phase 5? The journalist gave 7 new names: Henry Cavill, John Krasinski, and others

Attention! This content is a rumour, or may be proven true but is not necessary.

There are plenty of exciting titles waiting for Marvel fans to play in Phase 5 of the MCU: Guardians of the Galaxy 3And the Agatha: Cove of ChaosAnd the Daredevil: Born Again And the code These are just some of them. We can also expect a lot of new faces like Dominique Thorne to appear on the show iron heart. Journalist Emmet Kennedy, better known on Twitter as RadioEmmet, has released a brand new slate of actors who will be entering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are great talents and great names in him. See for yourself.

MCU – What actors will debut in Phase 5?

Although Emmet Kennedy cites a reliable source, and pre-release leaks in the MCU are nothing new, it should be remembered that this is still unconfirmed by studio information.

Interestingly, the journalist added in the entry that New talents in the fifth phase of the MCU will be officially announced at the D23 Expo 2022Organized by Disney. He had to introduce them himself Kevin FeigeSome actors will even take to the stage.

Journalist login here Link.

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