“Euphoria” and “Stranger Things” stars in the Snuff remake.  What do we know about the new version of “The Face of Death”?
Barbie Ferrera And Dacre Montgomery You will play in the new version “Faces of Death”. A new version of the snuff cult movie is being developed for Legendary.

Dacre Montgomery at the ‘Stranger Things’ season 4 premiere

The phenomenon of “faces of death”

The first part of the original series The Faces of Death, which stood as The Faces of Death in Poland, was published in 1978. It was a collection of videos showing tragic scenes: accidents, crimes, executions, or autopsy reports with commentary by a pathologist Diseases d. Francis B. Gross. Although most of them were staged, the production generated controversy and was banned in some countries (however, there were fewer of them than the creators claimed).

The heroine of the remake will be a moderator of a YouTube-like social network trying to recover from traumatic experiences. The girl’s task is to remove the material that contains violence. One day, he comes across a group of users recreating murder scenes from the original version of the movie. She will have to determine whether the material they are sending is staged or is a record of true events.

How do we know Barbie Ferrera?

Barbie Ferrera She gained the greatest popularity thanks to the role of Cat Hernandez in the series “trance”. We can also see it in dramas “friendship test” And a science fiction movie “no!”. She has made guest appearances on the series “divorce” And “after party”.

Dacre Montgomery – How do we know him?

Dacre Montgomery He is best known as Billy Hargrove from the show Weird things. He has also appeared in movies like “Be careful, my love.”And power RangersAnd Broken Hearts GalleryAnd recently “Elvis”.

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