Partner in early version.  Lost material from the original cartoon was found 30 years later.  Business dream.

Before DreamWorks Animation released the first Shrek film in 2001, the studio’s animators had already developed a film about the green ghoul several years earlier. In the 1990s, a different version of the film was created, which was supposed to be darker and much cheaper than the blockbuster. Now, thirty years later, the material has finally made it online and we can see what the original version of Shrek looked like.

Shrek – An early version of the film appeared nearly 30 years ago on the Internet

The person who uploaded the video claims to have been involved in the original video’s production design and found the missing video. In the video, which lasts less than forty seconds, we can see how Shrek, Not unlike his counterpart in the final version, he wanders the streets of the medieval kingdom dancing to James Brown’s “I Got You (I Feel Good),” demonstrating a show of strength by throwing a bandit into the air.

The rights to Shrek passed to DreamWorks in 1994, after Steven Spielberg purchased the license to adapt the 1991 children’s book. Originally, the studio was to create the film using traditional animation, but the development of technology and the success of Pixar’s Toy Story allowed DreamWorks to create the film using digital animation.

An early version of Shrek to appear online dates back to 1995. In this version we can hear Chris Farley as the main character.

There are currently four Puss in Boots movies and two Shrek spin-offs. The fifth part of the Green Ogre’s adventures is already in preparation. According to recent reports, we won’t have to wait long for Shrek 5 to release.

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