Spam telemarketers or other calls from certain numbers can be stressful, but in smartphones you can deal with them in a simple way. The selected numbers can be added to the so-called “black list”, which helps to save a lot of nerves.

The blacklist on the phone is nothing more than a list of numbers that we do not want to respond to. The smartphone will automatically reject the incoming callAnd the bell will not disturb our activities. This is a good solution if someone is constantly “hitting” us from a certain number. Of course, the blocked number can be unblocked at any time thus allowing the caller to call you.

Barring calls from specified numbers back to Add a specific number to the “black list” or “block list”. In Android, this can be done, for example, from the level of additional options for a specific entry in the call history. It must be remembered that each overlay on the system is different, so the whole process may also differ slightly in smartphones from different manufacturers.

For iOS, the process is a little different as it requires you to visit the general settings. You must find an option here phoneThen the item “Blocked contacts”. From here you can block more numbers or specific contacts from the phone book. In the same way, they can be removed from here when we want to remove the lock.

It should be noted that automatic filters that check SMS messages run in parallel in both systems. If the system determines that the content is dangerous, the message will be automatically added to the spam list to avoid cluttering the email book.

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