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One Piece: Red - Movie Review

One Piece: Red – Movie Review

events in One Piece Movie: Red It takes place on the island of Elegia, where the concert of a world-loving singer named Uta takes place. In addition to the Straw Hat crew, this talented girl’s performance is watched by other pirates, Navy and World Government. It turns out that Utah is the “daughter of Shanks”. He has a hidden goal that he wants to achieve through his exceptional singing.

It is worth noting at the outset that we are dealing with a musical. in One Piece Movie: Red Every few minutes, viewers can listen to several songs as part of the heroine’s performance or dynamic battles. The characters were very successfully voiced by Kaori Nazuka, but the songs were performed by the great Japanese star of recent months – Ado. I have to admit that these pop rock compositions are catchy, and the artist makes a great voice. In addition, he excellently finds himself in stories, thanks to some sad events that can touch the heart.

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This musical form of the film causes the story to break and the songs to break. We move from one music video to another. There are more and more known heroes from Eiichirō Oda manga, who participated in the movie most likely for marketing and fan service purposes only. Sometimes this mass of characters is overwhelming, but they are received favorably – like Coby or Bartolomeo. One Piece Movie: Red It’s not legal, but there is a noticeable lack of connection to the original plot. At least Shanks’ parenting secret is explained logically, as well as how Luffy knows Utah.

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Due to the fact that there is a lot of focus on the musical aspect of the movie, it is Uta who comes out on top. Even Luffy makes room for her quite a bit, not to mention the rest of the Straw Hats, who are actually invisible except for a brief moment where they can make their single and effective attacks. This is against the champion St. One Piece Movie: Red She has the fantastical power of this world that makes the characters unite to stop her. Thanks to this, the pace of work increases, because there is a struggle against time, and the risks are really great. As a result, the final showdown is exciting, although you have to wait for it. It was fantastically animated and absolutely gorgeous. This glow of color is impressive.

One Piece Movie: Red It’s a good production that promises a lot ahead of the show, but it doesn’t necessarily satisfy the fans’ appetites. The most mysterious character pieceShanks is a lure for viewers who expect to get to know him a little better or see some amazing attacks that will enter the canon. This is not the case. On the other hand, manga fans will see some surprising details in the movie that have not yet appeared in the anime series or been confirmed by the creator. They are a fairly normal curiosity. Finally, there’s a nice but unimportant post-credits scene.

The production is not lacking in the humor that characterizes this work, as well as some great scenes. Animation at a decent level. Computer effects were willingly used in songs to make Uta’s dance movements sound smoother and more natural. The result of this combination is sometimes better, sometimes worse – depending on the song. It’s cinema, so she’s still a bit unsatisfied. One Piece Movie: Red It will definitely appeal to those who love musicals, but not necessarily those who are looking for cool vibes and an exciting story with the Straw Hat crew. Despite some drawbacks, the production provides good entertainment, although you can expect more from it.

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