Billy Wilder was born in Soca Beskidzka.  He never felt polish

  • At the end of June, the 117th birthday of Billy Wilder was celebrated at Kino pod Baranami in Kraków. One of his famous works – “Double Indemnity” has been recreated
  • The screening of the film was preceded by a lecture given by the film expert, Dr. Hobb. Patricia Woodek, who debunked the myth that Wilder came from Soca Beskidzka
  • In spite of everything, the memory of this director is still honored in this city in particular
  • More interesting information can be found on the Onet homepage

On June 22, we celebrated Billy Wilder’s 117th birthday. On this occasion, one of his popular productions – “Double Insurance” from 1944 – was reproduced at the Pod Paranami cinema in Kraków, an adaptation of a short novel by James M. Cain, written with Remont Chandler. The show was preceded by a lecture by film expert Dr. love. Patrycja Włodek, a specialist in Chandler’s work and a lover of American cinema.

Daria Pollack/Onet

“Double insurance” at Kino pod Baranami

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Billy Wilder didn’t feel polish. “There is a city, but there is no country”

The film expert confirmed that Billy Wilder did not come from Socha Beskidzka, which toppled a legend associated with him. His mother actually came from Zakopane, while his father ran a network of station cafés located along the railway connecting Vienna and Kraków. Because of his profession, they had to travel constantly. Fate directed the marriage in such a way that pregnant Eugenia gave birth to Samuel (because that was his real name) in Soka Beskidzka.

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