March 28, 2023


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NASA: Bearing on Mars. Show a picture

The image was taken thanks to the Mars Observation Mission to help NASA and other space agencies plan a manned mission to the Red Planet. Of course, these are far-fetched assumptions. SpaceX CEO Elon MuskKnown for his optimism on issues Space invasion In one interview from 2021, he claimed that “assuming best case scenario, Man will go to Mars within five yearsAssuming the worst, ten.

The picture was taken thanks to HiRISE technology – an image processing system operating on board the American Mars space probe “Mars Reconnaissance Orbiterwhich was launched in August 2005.

On NASA’s website you can find specifications for the device, which weighs 65 kilograms and is 1.6 meters long and 0.9 meters in diameter. We read: “HiRISE has imaged hundreds of selected regions of the Martian surface in unprecedented detail.”

This is not the first image of other celestial bodies as many people see familiar shapes. in 1976 Viking probe 1 He sent to Earth a picture in which human features are marked, and it was called the “face of Mars.” Years later, a picture of the same spot at a much better resolution was published and “the magic was broken,” and it turned out that the whole thing was an ordinary mountain.

The answer to the question “why do people see familiar shapes where they are not” is very simple. In scientific nomenclature it is called Pareidolia, and consists specifically of finding recognizable shapes in random details. The most famous examples are The devil in the hair of Queen Elizabeth IIOr the aforementioned “face of Mars”.

Another example of Pareidolia is perception Familiar shapes in clouds or clouds.

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