Sony DualSense Edge – At a glance.  It shocks at the price, and impresses with its functionality

The awesome Xbox Elite V2 finally has its counterpart in the PlayStation universe. The Sony DualSense Edge panel aims to take gaming on PlayStation 5 to a whole new level. Let’s see if the Japanese succeeded this time.

The price is out of your shoes

Against the background of current prices Xbox Elite v2 (PLN 690-750), up to PLN 1199 at Sony (Here you can check the current price) can be shocking. But it’s worth noting here that the Razer Wolevine V2 Pro, a Pro-Pad licensed for PlayStation 5 with a handle arrangement like the Xbox pads, is worth €300 – about PLN 1,415. Thus, the price of Sony’s new products is huge (240 euros), but there are also more expensive models for the most demanding gamers.

Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Edge vs. DualSense

What did we get

First of all, the pillow comes to you from Very hard plastic case (It’s not some synthetic leather, but a hard shell), which even has a Velcro closure on the back A window to charge the device in the box itself. The case also has a lanyard hook, and inside it is specially designed for the shape of the pillow and accessories, there is also a net that separates the device from the attachment USB-A – Braided USB-C cable.

Sony PlayStation 5 DualSense Edge Case

This cable (2.8m) can be connected directly to the DualSense Edge using the included cap with locking slider. In this mode, we will disconnect the cable from the console only after moving the button in the open position on the connector.

Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Edge vs. DualSense

In addition to the standard overlays on joysticksin the group we have two more pairs, in both cases convex – They allow you to increase and decrease the height of our analogues.

Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Edge vs. DualSense

The top of the board still catches the eye Two functional buttons located just below their counterparts. They are used to quickly switch between configured control profiles and control game and chat volume.

You will find it at the bottom of the case Edit sliderWhich, after sliding, allows you to remove the visor made of glossy black plastic and access the stick units. If you are tired of life, Analogues can be replaced (individually) without sharing service or needing to loosen a single screw. It’s the perfect solution. additional unit It costs 129 PLN, and since the counterpart is the most failing component of any pad, it can be assumed that in this way we have been buying pads for years. It would also be nice to be able to replace the crossbar just as easily, but not this time.

Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Edge vs. DualSense
They are a very useful option Designated lever background buttonsAvailable in two different variants. You can choose between oblong and characteristic leaves, which can also be felt well with the ring fingers, as well as short toggle switches for more precise control.

Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Edge vs. DualSense

You can’t forget either of them Trigger stroke adjustable – Separate for L2 and R2 – you can choose 3 modesThe standard model is similar to that of the Baseboard, although you can feel smoother action and slightly more mass from button operation. The next two shorten the movement by half and almost to the range of motion of the arrows. The short activation time will definitely come in handy in dynamic FPS, although I wouldn’t disdain the extra mode with minimal jump.

Sony Playstation 5 DualSense Edge vs. DualSense

production quality

Compared to the usual DualSense, the differences in the images appear to be only cosmetic. However, it is enough to hold the pillow in your hands so that you have no doubts about it The manufacturer has spared no expense in materials or equipment. equipment It’s heavier, and for now at least, it won’t creak…but let’s give it a moment. Not everyone has to love the sticks’ glossy finish, but as an item that can be easily removed from the pillow, it will definitely get the optional matte finish.

The battery in both pads is the same capacity (1500 mAh)
So don’t expect anyone to work for a long time. Although it is easier to see the inscription “Japan” at the end of the print under the cover, somewhere inside you will find information that the edge is made in China. The exterior plastics appear to be identical to those of the original console, except for the touchpad, which is textured this time. Easily There is a noticeable difference in weight, this time exceeding 300 grams.

After a few moments with the DualSense Edge, does the standard DualSense feel more plastic and is it empty inside? It’s a matter of additional partial metal elements, as well as a metal locking system for interchangeable rods.

When is the full review?

We’ll write more about managing control profiles and popup capabilities in the coming days. Until then, I’ll limit myself to a summary – First impressions are excellentSony, don’t spoil it 🙂

The test board was provided by Sony. The producer could not access the text before it was published.

Image source: Paid.

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