Lords of the Fallen are innovators about saturating the market with souls
September 5, 2023, at 21:02

author: Zuzana “Zozolek” Domiradzka

The creators of the upcoming Lords of the Fallen have commented on the saturation of the market with soul-like games, which are gaining more and more popularity. They also revealed if they were concerned about the reception of their game.

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Studio FromSoftware with its beloved games, especially those from the Dark Souls series, paved the way and created what is called. The spiritual genre has gained great popularity. In recent years there have been many productions based on its premise, such as Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, NiOh or Remnant.

Is it still possible to count on success and stand out among this crowd of soul lovers? The creators of Lords of the Fallen have expressed their opinion on this matter.

Lords of the Fallen has a chance to win applause?

Cesare Virtuoso, Creative Director Fallen princesAnd the game’s technical director, Alexandre Choudrit, shared an interview with the site computer gamesn through Gamescom. They have generally talked about the souls-like genre and their upcoming production.

According to Choudrit Fallen princes It is primarily distinguished by its bleak and sometimes thought-provoking world in a gothic fantasy style. On the other hand, Virtuso thinks so Dark stories stay in people’s minds the mostso by telling a touching story, players can be interested.

despite this The developers make no secret of their concern about the reception of their game — especially considering how popular the spirits-like genre has become. As Choudrit says:

I think gamers wouldn’t mind getting more good games. If we do [kolejną – dop. red.] Good Game [z gatunku soulslike]People will only be happy. Our job is to make it as good as possible, and then it will stand out […].

What is important in the souls genre?

Particularly important, according to Virtuoso, in games in the soul-like genre is the level design and how to fight.

We had a huge ego in the beginningWe were liberators. […] We thought we knew a lot. However, we learned humility when we realized how little we know about creating engaging matches. Combat system design [w grach typu soulslike] It’s a big challenge.

for developers Fallen princes “FromSoftware games are excellent”. Creators of titles like this can, and should, take inspiration from the studio responsible for the Elden Ring. Virtuso claims that You shouldn’t make spirits-like productions that are “anti-dark soulsame (So ​​with fancy mechanisms that don’t fit this type).

It remains to hope so Fallen princes success and attract players. mention it The game will be released on October 13th for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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