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Childhood hero

One of the biggest surprises Marvel delivered last year was a series of shorts starring Groot. Obviously aimed at children, this production may also attract other viewers who want to spend more time with a young version of the famous superhero. For the past few months, the studio has been unexpectedly working on the second series, which was officially announced just four weeks ago. But more importantly, it’s the first title in the Guardians of the Galaxy series without James Gunn’s involvement. Could it have succeeded?

Like the first season, the second also consists of five episodes, each about three minutes long. So do not expect complex plots, many heroes and expanding universe. This continues the simple comic adventures of a young Groot, who must somehow cope in the absence of his MCU creator (Gunn), as well as his family (Guardians of the Galaxy). This time the hero has to take care of a chick on an unknown planet, deal with an unusual smell problem, defeat a terrible snow monster, get the coveted ice cream, or become an extraordinary hero.

However, James Gunn’s lack of influence clearly affected this production. The second season is less creative and interesting than the first, as if the creators used all the best in the first five episodes. The first episode already reveals that we will not be dealing with high humor, and the following episodes only confirm this. It’s still fun to watch Groot try to deal with all kinds of adversity, but only with lowered expectations. It is worth noting that this series is aimed at young viewers to spark their interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially Guardians of the Galaxy.

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