Windows 12 will appear in the second half of 2024. At least that’s what Intel seems to think

We wrote some time ago that Twitter user Lea_hobby posted details of the Intel Meteor Lake-S processors and the Intel Z890 chipset. According to the informant, Windows 12 appeared unexpectedly in the list of systems that will be supported by the fourteenth generation of Blue processors, so could this portend that in the second half of 2024 we will see the successor to Windows 11? So what could the next version of “windows” from Microsoft look like?

Twitter user Lea_hobby posted public information that the list of systems that will be supported by Intel Meteor Lake-S processors unexpectedly includes a new system from Microsoft – Windows 12.

Windows 12 will appear in the second half of 2024. At least that's what Intel seems to think [1]

Windows 11 Update KB5022913 brings a lot of changes, including Bing Search built into the taskbar

Microsoft has rescinded its promise that Windows 10 will be its last operating system. As it turns out, it has been said for some time that Microsoft plans to return to the practice of releasing a new system every three years. It is also not uncommon for operating system manufacturers to inform hardware companies in advance of their future plans. Therefore, it is likely that the leak about the new Windows 12 means at least that the Redmond company is already fully working on the successor to Windows 11. Some time ago, in an interview with The Verge, the head of Microsoft’s marketing department stated that when the company begins to develop existing Windows systems , and certainly will focus on integrating the system with artificial intelligence.

Windows 12 will appear in the second half of 2024. At least that's what Intel seems to think [2]

Windows 11 – There’s a new File Explorer coming. This time the changes will concern viewing images

As we wrote here, the first artificial intelligence solution – Bing search – has already been introduced in the current operating system update. It is also worth noting that developers of low-level hardware and software are slowly making improvements and improvements to support AI systems in Windows. A good example of this is Microsoft’s custom AI engine Windows Studio Effects, which AMD created for AMD Ryzen 7000 mobile systems, creating its own vision of the upcoming system. Its design shows a very big shift from the standard user interface. Now your desktop is no longer a flat picture, but a dynamic and interactive landscape. It is worth getting acquainted with the following presentation of an interesting idea.

Source: leaf_hobby (Twitter)

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