“Long live the emirate.”  Shocking words in a German mosque – o2

Taliban official Abdul Bari Omar appeared last Thursday (November 16) at a meeting organized at a house of worship in Cologne. The ceremony was organized by a cultural association. He announced that it would be a religious meeting.

During the meeting, chants of “Long live the emirate” rang out. According to Bild, the 36-year-old official was supposed to talk about how wonderful life is in the Afghan emirate. He asked for donations to the Islamic regime. Germany does not hide its anger.

German Interior Minister Nancy Weiser strongly criticized the presence of the Taliban envoy in Cologne. – The speech of the Taliban representative in Cologne is completely unacceptable and must be strongly condemned. She added, quoted by dw.com.pl, that no one can provide a platform for radical Islamists to deliver public speeches in Germany.

She stated that the Taliban movement violates human rights in Afghanistan, and that many refugees from that country reside in Germany. Authorities are investigating how the accident occurred. They want clarifications from the Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs (DITIB), which owns the Cologne mosque. However, the organization distanced itself from organizing the event and placed the blame entirely on another association affiliated with it.

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Alexander Thrum, internal policy spokesman for the parliamentary club of the CDU and CSU in the Bundestag, did not hide his words of indignation. He said it was “unbearable” that a Taliban official “gives a lecture in Germany and can spread his inhuman ideology.” He was also angry that Abdul Bari Omar was allowed to enter Germany at all.

This is not the only controversy surrounding the Taliban official. Earlier, social media published pictures in which Abdul Bari Omar appeared with Dutch Health Minister Ernst Kuipers.

The meeting between the Prime Minister and the Afghan envoy took place during the World Health Organization conference held on November 6-8 in The Hague. Minister Kuipers expressed his regret and admitted that he did not know who his partner in the photo was. – It was a mistake that should never have happened and I regret it – the Dutch Minister of Health wrote on X (Twitter).

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