Despite reports that Putin will withdraw some troops from the border, Russia will invade Ukraine on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, the British daily “The Sun” reported, citing information provided by US intelligence. He adds that the attack will be carried out using a “strong missile strike” and may reach 200,000. Soldiers.

According to reporters from The Sun, US intelligence has reported that the most likely time for Putin to issue an order is 3 a.m. (2:00 a.m. Poland time).

According to the documents cited by the newspaper, Russia intends to launch an “intense missile attack” on Ukraine. Up to 200,000 soldiers to storm the interior of the country.

“We can’t take anything Russia says or does at face value,” someone from the US military said in an interview with The Sun. “We must prepare for defense.”

Earlier, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that warnings of the invasion were “baseless hysteria” aimed at “increasing tensions in Europe”.

Journalists of “The Sun” note that there are still about 200,000 people on the borders of Russia and Belarus with Ukraine. Soldiers. A spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry informed, on Tuesday, that after the end of the exercises, the soldiers began preparations to return to their bases and units. It concerns the forces of the Southern and Western Military District.

a look: Ambassador Chizhov: Russia will respond if its citizens are killed

But the newspaper “The Sun” confirmed that 130,000 people are still on the eastern and southern borders of Russia and Ukraine. Soldiers. Another 40 thousand army is stationed on the border with Belarus.

US President Joe Biden will speak – as reported by CNN – the US President. The US leader’s speech is scheduled to be delivered at 21:30 (Polish time – editor).

ps / bass / sun / polsatnews.pl / Interia

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