Russia: Vladimir Putin suffered a heart attack

The Russian General SVR channel reported that Vladimir Putin suffered a heart attack. She added, “Several people close to Putin agreed to hold consultations to determine procedures in the event of Putin’s death in the coming days.” The channel, which will be managed by a source close to the Kremlin, had previously reported, among other things: about Putin falling down the stairs.

Vladimir Putin suffered a heart attack“Generał SWR” channel reported on Sunday evening that the accident occurred around 9 p.m. local time.

“Security service while working in the residence Butina heard a noise and the sound of a fall coming from the president’s bedroom” – Presenter.

Staff who entered the room They allegedly saw Putin lying on the floor and an overturned table with food in it. “He was convulsing and rolling his eyes” – written.

General SWR: Vladimir Putin’s entourage will gather in the event of the leader’s death

Doctors a few rooms away were immediately called into the room. Paramedics were supposed to perform resuscitationAfter that, Putin was transferred to a room serving as aIntensive care unit“.

The president’s condition has stabilized and he is under continuous medical supervision” – has been reported.

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According to the channel, he raised the situation Concern among the Russian leader’s inner circle. He added: “After the evening incident, many people close to Putin contacted each other and agreed to hold consultations on Monday in order to reach a solution.” And determining possible measures in the event of Putin’s death in the coming days– It has been reported, indicating that the political doppelgänger is scheduled to be present at all upcoming events.

Russia. Exciting news about Putin

“General SWR” channel It was probably created by a former Kremlin informant. There are theories that the name refers to the position of the founder – a former general of the foreign intelligence service (SWR).

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Reports from this source are relayed remotely by Western media. The “General SWR” information is difficult to verify, and some of it later turned out to be incorrect. In December last year, the channel announced this Vladimir Putin fell down the stairs in his house. In September, it was reported that this had happened Assassination attempt on Putin.

Speculation about the matter is getting worse Putin’s health and even his cancer battle intensified when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Since then, reports have also increased about the use of a Putin lookalike.


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