Ukraine.  Mass graves of NKVD victims were discovered.  'Body in 3-5 layers' |  world News

particle graves located in the premises of the former NKVD special facility in Odessaukrainian city by the sea black. Researchers believe that the mass grave contains the remains of Odessa residents who shot the NKVD: Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Moldovans, Poles, representatives of other nationalities and ethnic groups. The remains come from 1937-1941.

Ukraine. There are as many as 8000 in mass graves. Persons. The remains are already at a depth of 1.6 metres.

Historian Aleksandar Babich confirmed in an interview with Radio SobodaIt is not possible to predict how long the work may take. It is hampered by electrical cables scattered randomly around the excavation site. Some burials may also be located in the buildings of a nearby military unit.

“I didn’t have the strength to look for passages through the woods, to worry that if they stopped, it would be over.”

– We’ll probably mark all the death pits this year. In this regard, we will suspend work until next year. […] Usually one business day is required for each deceased person. There are about 8000 such people, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe mass grave in Odessa is 4.7 hectares, and in Bikivnya, where work has been going on for 11 years – 5.3 hectares, Babich said.

To date, 29 “death pits” have been discovered. The dead were thrown over them in several layers. The bodies are divided into 3-5 layers. The digging area is 2 x 2.5 meters, sometimes it is larger. The remains are already located at a depth of 1.6 meters. The deceased was covered first with soil, then with waste – Babich was added

Ukraine. A special committee will make decisions about the future of the site. Will there be exhumations?

Research work is currently underway to determine the size of the funnel and the burial area. After that, a decision will be made – whether the exhumation, DNA testing and reburial of the deceased will be carried out, or whether it will be built here. park Remembrance – said Sergey Hotsaluk, President of the Southern Chapter of the Institute for National Remembrance Ukraine.

The final decision on the future of the region will be made by a special committee in the Ministry of Culture. At its meetings, the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe Russian authorities’ demand for maps and a list of people captured by the NKVD is regularly considered. However, the members of the commission did not believe in helping the Russians.

Originally, the city authorities proposed a plot of land with mass graves for the garage cooperative, but after several protests The decision was frozen and a special working group was formed, and funds were made available for archaeological excavations.

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