PlayStation preparing a surprise?  The Japanese posted a mysterious teaser

Even before the end of November, Sony may release interesting news. The Japanese branch of PlayStation released a teaser on X (Twitter) to prepare the community for a certain announcement.

For months, PlayStation players have been waiting for the event of the Japanese giant, during which we will see the presentation of not only the release schedule for the coming months, but above all the latest PlayStation Studios projects, about which there is a lot of informal talk. Instead, the manufacturer opts for small events. One of the company’s branches adds fuel to the fire.

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PlayStation Japan has posted a teaser suggesting that we may soon see some announcements. A short GIF was shared in November, and the post was decorated with the popular hashtag “#PlayHasNoLimits.”

The news was quickly met with reactions from players hoping for much bigger news. We’ve been waiting a long time to reveal PlayStation’s upcoming plans, and in the meantime, before we pop the champagne, it’s worth keeping in mind that the teaser may be announcing a local event being held in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Fans noticed a certain similarity – the crown presented may match the King Gnu set. However, it is not known what the Japanese PlayStation team intends to port.

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