London holds a grudge against Bethesda over the messed-up premiere of Fallout 4's massive campaign

The next-gen (actually, we should have written “current-gen” a long time ago) update for Fallout 4 went into distribution today. However, not everyone is happy about this event.

The current-gen update for Fallout 4 brings a native version of the game for PS5 and XSX/XSS, significantly increasing the native resolution and increasing the frame rate to 60 fps on current-gen consoles.

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to update It also introduces minor changes to the PC version of Fallout 4, Which completely frustrated the authors of the mod. In particular, the authors of the massive Fallout: London campaign, which we've written about several times on PPE, have a grudge against Bethesda. The creators of Fallout London accuse the American company of spoiling the entire event Due to a complete lack of communication from the publisher, Which can present the changes to fans in advance, so they can adapt their modifications to the new version of the game in advance.

“You would think they would at least want to reach out to us, just to say, ‘You at least deserve attention; “You at least deserve attention.” “It's not an official event, but together we'll make sure we don't ruin it for the fans.” In the end, we're doing it for the fans. Now this move has hurt a lot of people on our team and hurt all our hard work over the years. The past four years.

It's also a huge disappointment for many fans. I see from the reactions that people are now blaming Bethesda, even though I asked them not to. However, I believe this is inevitable when there is simply a lack of communication. “I wish they would have talked to us first,” Dean Carter, head of the fan team behind Fallout: London, said in an interview with the BBC.

Fortunately, it looks like we won't have to wait long for Fallout: London to be released. The FOLON team states that it is possible to make appropriate adjustments to the situation in the coming days. The team confirms that the situation is over. We are waiting for an announcement from the FOLON team.

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