June 6, 2023


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They are impersonating Nintendo and Valve. Paid Twitter Verification Is Failed

Twitter’s new policy regarding user account verification has led to a flood of fake accounts pretending to be companies, offices or famous people. Game industry giants such as Nintendo and Valve have also fallen victim to this situation.

So far, Twitter has verified user accounts based on well-defined guidelines. Everything changed with Elon Musk’s takeover of the site. One of his first controversial decisions was to charge a fee to verify official accounts. Perhaps this would not be a bad solution, were it not for the fact that the fee paid was the only guideline for such verification.

In turn, on the “verification” account of Valve, information appeared that the owner steam, is planning to launch a new Ricochet platform: Neon Prime. Soon the lie appeared, but there are many such cases. “Official” files of athletes, politicians, Jesus Christ and … Elon Musk himself began to appear on Twitter.

Musk admitted that he was relying on paid verifications on official Twitter accounts to deter scammers. However, it soon turned out to be quite the opposite. The site tries in different ways Dealing with this situation, but so far no solution has worked. At this point, Twitter has disabled all flags of the account and is looking for a new way to verify it.

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