Leszek Lichota plays the main role in the new film “Quack”.  What does he say about her?

Viewers of the new series “Quack” will be able to watch it on September 27 on Netflix. Apart from Leszek Leshota, the cast included: Maria Kowalska, who played Professor Wilczor’s daughter. Ignacy Liss as Count Czyński, Isabella Kuna, who played his mother, Countess Czyńska, and Anna Szymańczyk, who played Zośka, the mill owner.

Truth spoke with the lead actor during the ceremonial premiere at the National Theater in Warsaw. The actor told us about working on the set.

Was Leszek Leshota afraid of the role of the medicine man?

When Leszek Lechota was offered the role of Professor Wilczor, he did not hesitate for long. It was a huge challenge, but she was eager to start the new production.

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