Madeleine Collins' Secret.  Between liberation and slavery [#DobryCynk]

Madeleine Collins’ Secret

Promotional materials refer to Hitchcock – and how rare there is no PR clickbait here. French director Antoine Baroud It not only designs the atmosphere and the imaginative drama after the master of suspense. Hitchcock’s flair is also the main character, a bustling blonde played by a Belgian actress Virgin Everawho has definitely been on a winning streak lately – this is her second interesting role after the high one “Benedetta” Paul Verhoeven.

Otherwise, the movie begins with an earthquake. A seemingly innocent situation in an upscale store where a young woman (Mona and the RavensHe searches for the right dress and turns into a tragedy. Women choose several outfits to try on. However, the primary criterion is not the whim of the client, but the need to please her mother. We see the personal desires and expectations of others enter decisively – the first time, but not the last.

The woman from the front is not the hero Madeleine Collins’ Secret, but somehow related to the heroine of Evra. How, we learn in the course of intrigue woven by Barrow and co-writer intricately Helena Kotz. At first, we only know that Evira plays Judith’s translator, who divides her life between two countries and two families: Swiss and French.

why is he doing this? Is she a secret agent? Or just harmful? Or maybe you are mentally ill? Or is someone blackmailing her? For a long time, the director does sensitive doses of information crumbs, confuses potential clients, and plays with our habits. Above all, it turns its head into genre patterns, as the characters, who are mostly male, use stability and routine as cover for spying or thrilling adventures. On the other hand, Judith does just the opposite, using the status of a professional on constant journeys as a disguise for family happiness, even if it is temporary. It’s also perverted in the sense that a man using a masquerade profession would be at least suspicious, and fundamentally unnatural. After all, men do not have to maneuver, stand up for independence, hide behind a profession, they “just deserve it.”

Meanwhile, our heroine pretends to be a liberal, but her true intentions were quite conservative – somehow making her sister Benedetta à re. A split personality is no stranger to these two characters.

Like Bergman’s “Character”and, albeit in an accessible way, Barrow observes a woman trying to find her own identity, but fails to do so. satiate. achievement, achievement. luck.

does all this Madeleine Collins’ Secret An interesting picture of a woman in the fire of social expectations. A woman struggles between liberation and enslavement. It’s no secret that women often have to dress differently on themselves as a result of peer pressure. In the private and professional field. It is important that only in the movie Children They are not fooled by the appearances game. Any artificiality is perfectly felt by children.

By the way alone Movie He also has two identities – action thriller and melodrama fight in it. With mixed results – Barraud isn’t Hitchcock after all, and in the final chapter the tension eases a bit. But until then, Evra keeps our interest. Sometimes the secret is in the right choice.

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