“La Voix Junior” Winner: Charles Cardos tries his luck at “La Voix”

Charles Cardos wins A younger voice tried to join the 10th season of the voiceSunday, but neither coach returned during the play That's life.

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The 20-year-old from Longueuil has a beautiful voice, which he plays with joy. He is also very caring. He accompanied himself on the piano during his singing turns.

Photo by Bertrand Exertier courtesy of TVA

In an interview with Charles Lafortune, she admitted that she “still weeps, but secretly”.

“Derogatory” homophobic and transphobic comments

The presenter spoke of the “seismic shock” when the young man started wearing feminine clothes or accessories in an Instagram post.

“There were thousands of super nasty homophobic and transphobic comments and it wasn't funny», at-il Charles Kardos.

Sunday, at the voiceAs TVA viewers knew him, he was comfortable in his own skin and with long, curly hair. She wore a tuxedo, a necklace, earrings, bracelets and high heels because she knows that everyone has the right to be themselves today.

He tried his luck the voice Because he “remembered that it was funny“Do See her junior. And he wanted to get back into the swing of things in a “serious” way.

Charles Cardos in February 2017


Charles Cardos during pre-auditions for “La Voix Junior” in February 2017.

“What I would have said to little Charles back then A younger voiceIt's: “Take time to have fun, don't worry and be yourself, and you'll be fine.”

Coach Corneille told him that he “still exudes the same joy and happiness”, and that “there's a kind of light that you never lose, and I'm glad to see that you have it again”.

Frances D'More heard Billy Joel and Freddie Mercury from Queen and Frank Sinatra during Charles Cardoz's number. “I really can't wait to hear from you. It's true that we are the sum of all we've ever loved, but at a certain point we have to find ourselves, who we are, what our path is, and 'what we are.' That's it!”

Charles Cardos is a pianist, dancer, composer and actor. We will see him again soon.

We can catch up on his performance on Sunday on TVA+. Otherwise, the 10th season the voice Airs every Sunday at 7pm on TVA.

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