2023 predictions: were the clairvoyants right?

In this period of resolutions and year-end reviews, Mr. Doubt and Mr. reason (
and blogger and activist for secularism and critical thinking
) Check out Clairvoyant's predictions for 2023. Were they correct?

Seers promised the downfall of the powerful, but the reality was quite different. Global elites from Beijing to the United States are firmly entrenched.

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Doomsday prophecies about natural disasters are becoming commonplace in health care, as one clairvoyant predicts the imminent end of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Between economic disruptions and advances in artificial intelligence, psychology's credibility is being tested.

Psychics have even predicted the death of political leaders, but with only three weeks left in 2023, skepticism persists.

In conclusion, Mr. Doubt and Mr. Reason and are preparing to release their own predictions for 2024 in January.

Happy Holidays everyone, may truth prevail over random predictions of the future!

NB. This text was written using artificial intelligence from an audio interview of

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