June 3, 2023


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He buys two tickets with the same combination and wins two jackpots

He buys two tickets with the same combination and wins two jackpots

A person who can not remember if he ever bought a lottery ticket with his favorite numbers bought a second and won two jackpots with a successful combination.

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“I was lying in my bed watching a basketball game on TV and I could not remember if I had checked my mix or not,” said 49-year-old Scotty Thomas from Foytville. North Carolina, step. Report of the North Carolina Education Lottery.

In doubt, he went online to buy tickets.

“The next morning my son asked me why two different sums were entered. I realized I had probably bought two tickets, ”Scotty Thomas told CNN.

This small mistake would have benefited him.

The number on each of his tickets at the draw on November 27 won a $ 25,000 lifetime prize.

“When I realized I had won, I had to lie on the floor because I could not believe it,” Lucky said.

Garbage collector Scotty Thomas chose to pick up a total of $ 780,000 for both tickets.

According to the North Carolina Lottery Corporation, with this money he wants to invest in his business, pay off some debts, help his family and buy a house.

After the taxes levied on Lot, he would have $ 551,851 left.

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