“I do not know how, I do not know why”: Juan Deschamps regrets Quilin Tremblay

At the end of the show’s most popular Montreal premiere “I do not know, I do not know why”, he pays a real and moving tribute to Yvon Deschamps, which was presented at the Maisonneuve Theater in Place on Friday. des Arts, Guylaine Tremblay received congratulations from the comedy pioneer.

Yvon Deschamps sprained his public leisure time to attend the event. “I’m completely immersed,” he said at the end of the evening. “It’s a lot of love and a lot of memories. It’s lifelong. It’s every drop of a song, I remember where I was when I wrote it. Yvon Deschamps also said that Kylie Tremble’s long-standing love for her had turned her upside down. “This is so amazing, I’m not talking.”

Mario Purecord / QMI Agency

Guylaine Tremblay structured her show like an autobiography intertwined with songs by Yvon Deschamps. “He’s like a teacher, he’s looking at us with a sensitive eye as if he’s making fun of me, he declares at the beginning of the show.

To begin with, he recalls his childhood in Charlevoix, tells stories, plays out the colorful characters of his family, and softly describes a love letter she sent to Yvon when she was eight, paused by songs such as “Life” and “Happiness.” “Or” yesterday “.

Surrounded by four musicians (Jean-Fernண்ட்nd Gerrard on piano, Michael Pucci on guitar, Patricia Teslarier on bass and double bass and Francis Cowan on violin and accordion), Kyleen Tremble does not take herself as a singer, but she fully preserves the lyrics. She chose the description. We already know that she was able to push the note, and we can appreciate it in the past, especially in “Belles-Sours”.

Mario Purecord / QMI Agency

Then he talks at length about his grandmother, with whom he was in the same room for many years. After his last son left, the latter suffered from depression. One evening, while watching the Yvon Deschamps show on TV, she saw her grandmother crying with a laugh. Kyleine has long believed that Yvonne saved herself from her tragedy.

Later, he talks about his meeting with Robert Lபேpez, his incredible audition for the Quebec Conservatory, and his deep desire to be useful in his love or life over Donald Lautrec. Every part of life is an excuse to make the public laugh or move, and to introduce songs like “Love When You Are” or “Your Pride”.

Guylaine Tremblay recalled, Yvon Deschamps “taught us to love one another, to laugh at ourselves, to move easily from laughter to tears, and he recently taught us to be old.”

He continues with a series of events about the funny funerals of many members of his family. “Laugh not to cry”, he concludes before singing the popular “Aimons-nous” song, which is a very current song.

It allows you to revisit songs like “Les Pittam” that remain in everyone’s memory and somewhat forgotten songs like Touch “Appliance” and “Papa”.

Although she sings about fifteen songs in the evening, Quilin Trembley, above all, proves once again to be a formidable actress, combined with a real sense of humor in storytelling.

Guylaine Tremblay is still on tour with the show “I do not know, I do not know why” until the end of autumn.

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