Movie |  "Norfolk scandal will not happen in 2022"

Journalist and author of the book, Juan Lobret, believes that the Norfolk scandal will not happen in 2022. Autopsy on the Norfolk scandalReleased in 2009.

Released at 7:00 p.m.

Richard Dufour

Richard Dufour

The book served as a reference for the film Norborg It is set to be released this month in theaters across Quebec to tell the story of this scam that has deceived more than 9,000 small savers of more than 100 million.

The two-hour film summarizes what former Norwegian President Vincent Lacroix and his ally Eric Acelin did with the help of the Schnaukins and the Schnaukins.

“The film is realistic. Can’t say fantasy. It’s very close to reality, ”said Yvonne Lapret, a supporter of the film’s director.

While there will always be tricksters who want to bend the rules, the reality of the financial world is different from the money laundering with the help of Vincent Lacroix Eric Acelin in the early 2000s.

“At the time, we were unaware of the lack of weapons and many problems,” says Yvon Laprade.

The Quebec Securities Commission does not have the investigation that Autorité des marchés financiers have today. I do not know if in 2022 Vincent Lacroix will survive very long with such a plan.

Yvon Laprade, journalist and writer Autopsy on the Norfolk scandal

Juan Lapret thinks the scandal could have been avoided if there had been more awareness on the part of the authorities.

Lack of awareness

“Unsuccessful investigations, value guards who sent money without any restraint, Guys de Depot, who sold his Evolution funds to Lacroix without further ado, all of these are discussed in the film. But the film could have further emphasized the lack of awareness and experimentation at the time. The financial world was a little more relaxed in the ways it regulated the markets. It was without harshness. Everyone was a little indifferent. ⁇

While Yvon Laprade praises the film as a whole, he does not hesitate to criticize. “There are shortcuts, of course, but it’s a story that still holds together,” says one who has spent countless hours conducting interviews and digging into the writing case.

Vincent Lacroix survived by an investigator [Éric Asselin] Who went to the Norfolk camp. That’s the big drop. The picture shows it. Let’s see that thanks to Asselin. But Acelin’s personality is stronger than what was projected by the film, ”he says.

“Asselin is portrayed as someone who needs money and works hard for money. He has more of a vengeful nature than he has in the film. I am not saying that the film increases the sympathy of both the characters, I would say that Acelin has no high moral values. He is superficial. In the film, he sometimes hurts a little too much, whereas depending on what I could understand, see and document, he was a genius. ⁇

Photo by Patrick Sunfacon, La Press Archives

Vincent Logroix returns halfway home after being released on January 27, 2011.

The face of the swindler

Talking about the 130 million scam seems a little out of place today, introducing Yvon Laprade. “It simply came to our notice then. We saw a little boy from Quebec, the French-speaking Quebec we know, from Quebec who wants to be a financial star, not Earl Jones or Bernie Madoff, “he said.

“Norborg wanted to be a rising star. Many people invested in Quebec because the evolution funds that Norborg bought belonged to Guys Depot. The victims did not expect 20% return. They were given a yield. The imagination is strong.

Right hand and left hand of Eric Acelin Vincent Lacroix. Yvonne Lapret says he became the person who protected Lacroix from interrogation and was his bodyguard in exchange for a lot of money.

“He’s smart, Acelin. He knows the mechanics and avoids risks. He became his left hand when the AMF resumed the CVMQ investigation and sent summons to Lacroix and Asselin.

In the thriller Eric Acelin is portrayed as a manipulator who exposes Lacroix’s failures to dancers, illusions of his grandeur in Paris (having a subsidiary in Switzerland), many drunken evenings at the restaurant, exits, head office downtowns, detectives and detectives.

The film is set to release on Friday, April 22nd. Its theatrical release comes at a time when Autorité des marchés financiers are raising warnings against small investors against pirates, especially cryptocurrencies. You may have heard one of the many AMF commercials on the radio, “Are you interested in cryptos? Even scammers.”

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