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Valeriu Mircea has become the new interim KSW Cruiserweight Champion. At the ceremony in Liberec, he defeated Moldovan Leo Bryshta by submission in the fourth round. In addition, victories at the ceremony included, among others: Dominik Hamburger, Kakper Koziorzebski and Lukasz Czarzewski. Here are the results of the fight at the KSW 91st event.

Fight results:

70.3 kg/155 lb: Valerio Mircea (30-8-1, 12 KO, 13 RE) Defeated Leo Brichta (12-3 1NC, 6 KO, 4 Sub) via submission (rear naked choke) in the 4th round.

83.9 kg/185 lb: Dominik Hamburger (8-1, 7 KOs) Defeated Adrian Dudek (7-3, 5 KO, 1 Sub) by TKO (standing punches) in the second round.
77.1 kg/170 lb: Matos Jurassic (11-3, 4 KO, 2 sub) Defeated Henry Fadipe (14-12-1, 9 KO, 3 Sub) by TKO (ground punches) in the first round.
77.1 kg/170 lb: Kasper Koziorzebski (10-6, 4 KO) Defeated Viktor Cervinsky (4-1, 1 KO, 2 Sub) by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
68kg/150lbs: Lukasz Czarzewski (13-2 1NC, 2 KO, 2 Sub) Defeated Michal Sobiec (5-2, 3 KO) by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
93kg/205lbs: Dawid Kaspersky (1-0) He defeated Vasil Dukar (3-3, 3KO) by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
65.8 kg/145 lb: Josef Stomer (4-1, 2 subs) Defeated Adrian Wieliczka (2-2.2 Sub) via submission (triple leg choke) in the second round.
61.2 kg/135 lb: Mariusz Juniak (12-5, 2 KO, 8 Sub) Defeated Tobias Law (4-2, 3 KO) by technical knockout (right hook and punches to the ground) in the first round.
56.7 kg/125 lb: Viktoria Chizewska (3-1, 3 KO) Defeated Petra Kastkova (6-7, 1 KO, 1 Sub) by technical knockout (kick to the body and punches to the ground) in the first round.

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The KSW 91 concert in Liberec has ended. Thank you for watching the live coverage!

The scenario for the fourth round was similar to what happened in the third round. Bryshta landed punches while standing, to which Mircea responded by clearing the ball. On the ground, the Moldovan had his opponent's back. From this position, he worked with punches until he was finally locked in a rear-naked choke. Brecht exploited. Mircea with the championship belt!

end! Valerio Mircea is the new KSW Cruiserweight Champion!

Round 3

The start of the tour was one of Breshta's enduring dominance. The Czech was more accurate, forcing Mircea to defend. In a desperate gesture, the Moldovan tried to recover the ball, and it succeeded. He controlled his opponent on the ground, but took some hits. Finally, the referee stopped the fight before the end of the round. It's time for championship battles. This is an excellent fight!

Second round

When the fighting moved to the ground, Mercia took control. The Moldovan even tried to submit his opponent with an arm triangle. He put all his strength into completing the technique, but Bryshta defended himself and got back to the stand, where he took the initiative. However, in the end, Mircea got another takedown and controlled the fight from the top for the rest of the round. The key to the fate of the battle will be who will be able to maintain their physical fitness best.

In the round

Lots of research and working out the distance. There were isolated short circuits. Breshta tried to land high kicks, and Mircea connected with powerful punches. At the end of the round, the Moldovans succeeded in overthrowing the Czechs.

And now there is only the evening's fight ahead of us! Local crowd hero, Leo Brecht, received a standing ovation and entered the cage. Valerio Mercia followed in his footsteps. The two are already facing each other. The interim lightweight champion belt is on the line!

It was a very exciting battle! They both exchanged heavy blows, but as time went on Hamburger started to get the advantage. Finally, in the middle of the second round, the Pole was seriously injured. Dudek started to wobble on his legs and after more strikes the referee stopped the fight. An amazing victory for Hamburger!

Knockout in the second round! Dominic Hamburger won in front of his home crowd!

The co-main event is coming soon. Dominik Hamburger vs. Adrian Dudek – Coming soon!

The Czech disturbed his opponent with a strong punch while standing. Fadipe fell to the mat but tried to stay in the fight. Jurassic's barrage turned out to be extremely powerful. Finally, the referee had to stop the fight. Juracek's impressive debut in KSW!

What a knockout blow! Matos Jurassic knocked out Henry Fadebe forcefully!

Fadebe vs Jurassic – Coming soon!

In the end, the three judges saw Wióra win. However, each round was quite evenly matched. However, Koziorzebski got back on the winning track!

Kacper Koziorzębski won by unanimous decision from the judges! (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

It was three rounds of an extremely fierce battle. They both had good moments in it. A difficult task for judges. We will know the verdict shortly!

Cervinsky – Koziorzybski. This battle is coming soon!

Łukasz Charzewski won by unanimous decision from the judges! (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

What a battle it was! The first two rounds were dictated by Charzewski. During the break between parts two and three, Harry's eye swelled noticeably. The former FEN champion faced the possibility of the doctor stopping the fight. However, Charzewski was accepted into the final round. The verdict will be announced soon!

Sobiech vs. Charzewski fight coming soon!

Dawid Kaspersky won by unanimous decision! (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

The fight lasted three full rounds. It was a very exciting battle. Two great fighters were involved in the fight, and we saw the full scope of mixed martial arts. The verdict will be announced soon!

We're not slowing down. Kasperski vs Ducar – coming soon!

The first round was dictated by the Pole. Wieliczko was primarily looking for a submission – first with a twist lock, then with a rear-naked choke. All this cost him a lot of energy. Stommer took advantage of this and took the lead in the second part of the contest. He hit Wieliczka hard a few times, but completed the destruction on the floor. The Czech secured a triangle with his legs, and then Velichko tapped out. Stormer's second KSW win!

Joseph Stomer! The Czech won by submission in the second round!

After a short break, it's time for the next duels. Wieliczko vs Stummer – coming soon!

During the exchange at the net, Juniac hit Lu with a powerful right hook. The challenger from Cieszyn fell to the mat, taking two more blows from his opponent. Then the referee intervened and stopped the fight. Lou complained about stopping too quickly. Either way, Joniak returns to the game in spectacular style!

Another fight and another knockout in the first round! Marius Juniac is victorious!

It's time for the second battle of the evening. Tobias Law will cross the gloves with Marius Juniak. coming soon!

From the beginning of the fight, Chikatoro dealt her opponent strong blows. Kastkova was unable to avoid receiving punches. Finally, he attacked the Pole with a powerful kick to the body. The Czech woman bent in half and fell onto the carpet. Czyżewska completed the demolition process on the ground floor. An impressive return to winning ways!

And we got a knockout in the first round! Great performance by Wiktoria Czyżewska!

It's time for the opening battle! Petra Kastkova vs. Wiktoria Czezewska – Coming soon!

We have nine MMA fights ahead of us. In the biggest fight of the show, we will meet the new interim lightweight champion. It will be either Leo Breshta or Valerio Mircea.

Good evening! It's time for KSW 91 in Liberec. We invite you to follow the live coverage!

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