Big scandal in England.  Manchester United - The Liverpool match may not be played.. football

In May 2021 Game Manchester United with Liverpool It had to be rescheduled due to widespread protests by United fans against the Glazers. Thousands of fans protested in front of the hotel where the “Red Devils” players were staying in front of Old Trafford, and some even stormed the legendary stadium in Manchester. The match was played 11 days later and Liverpool won 4-2.

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Will the United and Liverpool match be postponed again? United fans plan a big protest

The situation may repeat itself on Monday. According to Manchester United media, another massive protest by Manchester United fans against Glazer was planned before the match. It is said that up to 10,000 people are expected to participate.

This is one of the reasons why Manchester United, for safety reasons, canceled the traditional pre-match training camp at the Lowry Hotel, in front of which the first demonstrators began to gather at noon. fans.

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Reports of the protests also appeared in the media several days ago, Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp referred to the matter in his pre-match press conferenceWhich made it clear that if the match could not be played again, Manchester United should be confiscated.

“I really hope nothing like this happens, but if it does, we should get points,” he said. club. There is no fault on our part in this situation and if the fans want the match not to take place, we cannot postpone the match again and try to press it somewhere in such a difficult season.

– I have no idea what could happen nor do I think about it. I think we’ll go there and play a game and come home. But in such cases, when the match could not be played, the other team should always get points, because they were not guilty of such a situation in any way and were preparing for this match – emphasized the German coach.

The Manchester United vs Liverpool match is scheduled to be played on Monday 22 August at 21:00.

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