Jan Tomasevski calls for Lewandowski to be stripped of the captaincy.  Refers to the caliph’s name, “He never failed.”

There is no doubt that the reason for the embarrassing defeats that the team suffered was, among other reasons, the lack of anyone to encourage its teammates to fight. This is what is required of the captain. There are many indications that the issue of withdrawing Lewandowski’s armband is being considered more seriously.

– Robert should play, but at the same time he may not be the leader – suggests Tomaszewski. – He should resign and return the badge, because he has already failed in several cases recently. This will be accepted by the fans with understanding, assured Tomaszewski, who already has a candidate for the position of new captain.

Jan Tomaszewski: Let Lewandowski stop being the captain of the national team!

– I don’t know, Alice Vojtek? We have fought for it for many years to make it number one. And he worked. In Albania, the second goal for France, had he not gone in, I’m convinced Voytek would have scored it. There was a bounce and there was no chance. Why can’t Wojtek be the leader? He did not disappoint and he did not disappoint – confirms “The Man Who Stopped England”.

Tomasevski hopes that we will meet the new coach of the national team as soon as possible, because he has several requests for him.

– I’m interested in how many new people he will add to Team A. He has to introduce newcomers. But he also has to be careful not to lose, because as long as the ball is in play, he has to fight. Newcomers to the European Championships should definitely be introduced. Mr. Kazimierz Gurski took two young players to the World Cup, a man called Sarmach and Omoda. He remembers that they played great.

An exciting candidate for Polish national team coach! Cesare Colizza said that directly about him, and fans may be shocked

a test. Do you really know everything about the Lewandowski family? In this test, the stairs start with question 7!

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What is Robert Lewandowski’s mother’s name?

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