Inspections throughout Poland.  They ask about four things

Authorized by Polish Post Staff members across the country are tasked with determining whether RTV equipment owners are up to date with their subscription payments. To ensure clarity and fairness of procedures, Poczta Polska has developed special guidelines on how to conduct inspections – as reported by

All radio and television equipment must be registered

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The letter sent by Poczta Polska indicated that there are some exceptions.

Inspections on compliance with registration of RTV receivers are carried out by authorized employees of Poczta Polska SA. The unit designated to carry out inspection-related tasks is the Financial Services Centre. The personnel conducting the inspection are obliged to submit a permit to carry out inspection activities within the scope of the obligation to register radio and television receivers and pay the license fee for their use, as well as an identity card, at the request of the person being inspected. It has been noticed.

Inspections related to the registration of RTV devices are carried out by authorized representatives of Poczta Polska SA, within the structures of this institution, a Financial Services Center has been created, which deals with specialized aspects of RTV subscription control. Inspectors must provide appropriate authorization to conduct inspections in connection with registering RTV devices and collecting license fees. At the request of the person being searched, he must also present his identity.

The inspected entity is obliged to provide access to the registry of RTV devices or provide a document confirming their registration.

During verification, inspectors focus on four main aspects: whether the device is present, whether it is capable of reception, whether it has been registered, and how long it has been used.

If the use of unregistered radio or television equipment is found, a fee of thirty times the monthly subscription amount will apply on the date the violation is discovered – informs Poczta Polska.

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