Iga Świątek is looking for land.  Will he buy a plot of land with five bubbles?!

Świątek earned nearly $10 million this season, which equates to about PLN 41 million. Since the beginning of her career, she has won $24,592,763 on the gridiron, which is almost PLN 100 million! However, we must remember that with millions of dollars also come huge taxes.

– If the prize for winning the tournament is, for example, one million dollars, then forty percent or more of tax will be immediately deducted from this amount, depending on the tax rates applied in a particular country – Iga’s father, Tomasz Światek, once explained to Fact. .

Even if taxes “eat up” a large portion of revenue, Iga can afford many things. Among other things, to purchase land. For this purpose, she went with her father and sister to a town near Warsaw to search for a plot of land for sale. The plot is a homestead with an old house. The neighbors admitted in an interview with Fact that the plot of land was for sale. It has an area of ​​more than five hectares and is worth PLN 5 million.

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