Paulo Sousa can get away.  One penalty mark separates him from the first cup.  And so four times Pekka Nona

Atletico Mineiro advanced at the end of the first half. The goalkeeper after a long shot flamingo hit summit Up front, but Ignacio Fernandez ran towards her and scored without any problems. a team Paulo Sossi They tied in 56 minutes, and former striker Gabigol scored intermilan. After a moment the score was 2:1 for Flamengo, because Bruno Henrique used a good Lazaro pass. A quarter of an hour before the end of the match, it was a tie the structurethe former Porto player and Zenit. Show the Brazilian with a calculated head. There is no extra time in the final, so fans watched the penalty shootout competition.

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Crazy series of eleven

Penalty shootouts always generate a lot of excitement, but Sunday’s competition was exceptional. Suffice it to write that it lasted about half an hour! After five rounds it was a 5:5 tie. And then in four rounds – seventh, eighth, tenth and eleventh – one penalty mark separated Flamengo, who scored second, from winning the cup. However, it was always so, when he did not use the Atletico player eleven, his “achievement” was copied by a player from the Sousa team. In the end, it was necessary to make twelve rounds, and Atletico Mineiro won 8: 7. He used the decisive penalty kick. the structureAnd after a moment Vitinho made a mistake, shooting directly at the goalkeeper.

Alexander VukovicLigia fail again. This time a defeat with the second league

Paulo Sousa was not happy with the new club’s first title as the Brazilian Super Cup went to Atletico. Flamengo fans must be disappointed that their club has won two previous editions. Flamengo has to settle for cash prizes of two million riyals. One real equals 78 cents. Five million riyals will be transferred to Atlético’s account, approximately four million zlotys.

Flamengo plays another match on Wednesday, where they will face Botafogo in the eighth round of Campionato Carioca.

The Brazilian League begins on April 1.

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