This simple mathematical puzzle has divided netizens.  What is the result of the equation: 3+3:3+3×3-3?  There can only be one solution

Math puzzles, even those that seem very easy, can cause a lot of confusion and even lead to arguments! They appear on social media from time to time Puzzles, which led to a veritable avalanche of comments with different answers. Internet users often fiercely defend their rights, resulting in heated exchanges of opinions and even huge conflicts. This was also the case with the seemingly trivial equation that divided Internet users. What is the result of the equation 3+3:3+3×3-3? It turns out that it's not as clear as it may seem. Some indicated the number 9, others 12, others 10, and still others zero.

What is the actual result of this equation and how should it be solved? We explain step by step in the gallery below.

Can you recognize these numbers in the pictures? With less than 10/15 you need to visit an ophthalmologist!

Question 1 of 15

It shouldn't be difficult. What number do you see in the picture?

Test: What number do you see in the picture?

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