“Kogel Mogel 5”: premiere.  Who dazzled on the red carpet?

The premiere of Anna Wieczur's film took place on January 24 at the Helios Cinema in Warsaw. “Baby Bum, or Kugel Mugel 5”. It is a continuation of the comedy “Kogel Mogel” from 1988, presenting the next chapter of the adventures of the Wolański and Zawada families.

The entire film crew appeared at the festive screening, including director Anna Wikzor and actors: Aleksandra Hamkalow, Grazyna Blokka Kulska, Dorota Stalinska, Zdzislaw Warden and Maciej Zzadrojeni.

“The audience has become attached to our heroes, and the ongoing family saga attracts new generations to cinemas, where they can see themselves in these stories and, above all, forget about everyday life for a while and have fun,” he says. Zdzislaw WardenMarian Wolanski movie.

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