They will have real streets and sewer systems

Good news for residents Vista and Posegdonna streetsa map In the Chwarzno-Wiczlin region. The city has just announced a tender to rebuild these streets, or rather to build them up, as they exist today only in the form of stacked building panels. Another new feature is a sewerage system that was missing until now.

Residents themselves have been campaigning for this investment for years, presenting its elements, for example during votes on the citizens' budget. The main issue was the installation of the sewage system.

But there was a problem here, as the obstacle was the large difference in elevation, which necessitated the use of a pumping station to connect this area of ​​the district to the network.

At the beginning of 2020, the city concluded a tender to develop an investment project. Four years later, the contractor selection procedures for the works were finally announced.

– He says that combining everything into one comprehensive investment was a big challenge Jakub Obića city councilor who was previously Chairman of the Chwarzno-Wiczlino District Council.

Today, Westie and Posegdonna streets are paved only with building slabs, and are in average condition. So we can safely say that real streets will be built only in this place.

What does the investment project include?

  • A completely new surface was put in place for both streets.
  • Establish a rainwater drainage system with a retention and seepage tank.
  • Establishing a water and sanitation network, rebuilding the water supply network, and establishing a sewage system, in addition to establishing a sewage pumping station.
  • Installation of modern LED lighting on both streets and additional lighting for the pedestrian road leading from ul. Poseidon to Mujahideen. Amon.
  • – Arranging small architectural elements and replanting and planting green spaces.

The tender documents state the contractor will have 42 weeks to complete the work.

The city will accept applications until February 6.

The entire investment will be jointly funded by the city and PEWiK.

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