Accident at Regan Square in Wroclaw.  The bus entered the tunnel.  1 person died [FILMY, ZDJĘCIA]

On Sunday, November 20, 2022, just after 9 p.m., an accident occurred at the Ronald Reagan roundabout in Wroclaw. The double decker bus literally drove into the tunnel entrance. Unfortunately, the bus driver did not survive the accident. The police determine the details of the incident based on observation. Skoda passengers are sure to collide.

Update – 7.30 am
Until late at night, a complex operation continued to tow the bus, which, during a tragic accident, entered the underground passage of Pasaż Grunwaldzki in Wrocaw. Watch photos and videos:

Update – 00.36

The rescue operation ended just before midnight. Currently waiting for a crane that will try to pull the jammed bus. The car is temporarily secured with a winch from the Wroclaw Fire Brigade.

No one survived the accident, the bus driver. Two more were taken to hospital.

Update – 22.45

– Preliminary information about a pedestrian collision has not been confirmed. The driver died instantly. The first lieutenant said two passengers were taken to the hospital. Aleksandra Fross at the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wroclaw.

The police determined that the bus had collided with a Skoda car, which had entered the Rondo Regan from the side of the Szczytniki Bridge. One of the passengers was a Skoda driving from the ul side. Maria Curie Sklodowska. As a result of this collision, the bus driver lost control of the vehicle and the bus ended up in an underground passage after a while.

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