An accident on the set of “Bride Hard,” Rebel Wilson’s latest movie.  What happened?
A week ago, Rebel Wilson had an accident while filming her latest movie, the action comedy Bride Hard. This is not how I wanted the movie to end! Three stitches and a night in the hospital after a work accident at 4am – She wrote on Instagram at the time, illustrating the text with a picture of a broken nose. Now the star has updated information about her condition.

Rebel Wilson was involved in an accident on the set of the movie. What happened?

Rebel Wilson spoke about the circumstances of the accident on his instagram stories. Only registered users can see this material. It disappears 24 hours after being posted and is currently no longer available. However, the actress’ statement was relayed by Deadline.

Hello everyone, what’s up? I wanted to thank you for all of your wishes. The recovery is going really great Wilson said. I was shooting an independent movie in Savannah, Georgia. I was in the middle of shooting the night, my last scene in the movie, so I had already done all the Cossack fight scenes. That’s when I was hit in the face with the butt of a gun. It was a complete accident and a huge shock. But luckily I’m recovering quickly, so I wanted to thank everyone for their wishes.

What do we know about Bride Hard, the new movie from director Rebel Wilson?

In Bride Hard, Rebel Wilson plays a maid of honor and a secret agent. When the wedding guests are taken hostage by a group of mercenaries, the heroine takes matters into her own hands. She will not abandon the person who dared to spoil her best friend’s wedding. The project is headed by Simon West – the creator of such works as “Con Air – Flight of the Convicts”, “A Matter of Honor”, “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” or “The Expendables 2”.

Watch the trailer for “As Long as You Remember Me” with Rebel Wilson

Currently, Rebel Wilson’s filmography is complete with the drama ‘While You Remember Me. Watch its trailer:

After suffering a traumatic brain injury, Gwen does not recognize herself, which also affects her relationship with her partner, Tony. After Jo suffers a traumatic brain injury, Sarah fears her husband will gradually forget their past. Tony faces new challenges every day that Sarah can empathize with, too. Together with Dr. Farmer, who is convinced there is a chance for a cure, they fight for the futures of the people they love.

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