January 27, 2023


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Batman - Does Superman exist in the world of cinema?  Matt Reeves in a deleted scene with Barry Keoghan

Batman – Does Superman exist in the world of cinema? Matt Reeves in a deleted scene with Barry Keoghan

Movie premiere Batman fast approaching. The production is not part of the DCEU as there are other members of the Justice League. However, many fans may be wondering if there are Avenger’s superhero friends like Superman and other people with powers in the world portrayed in the new show about the Dark Knight. Unfortunately production stars, Robert Patterson And the Zoe Kravitz They don’t have good news for DC fans. In an interview with Comicbook.com, they made arguments about the lack of superpowers in the new Batman universe. They said their film offers a realistic view of the capital’s legends. Kravitz said that their world and that of Superman do not communicate with each other.

This was confirmed by the director of the film, Matt Reeves, in an interview with Collider, said it was hard to believe that his production world was connected to another world of people with supernatural powers. It was not of interest to the creator and he wants to focus on characters from the Gotham community.

Batman – Deleted Scene

In the same interview, Reeves also talked about one of the deleted scenes from the movie, which is the sequence with the prisoner performed by the star. eternityAnd the Barry Keoghan. The director revealed that there was a sequence where Batman goes to Arkham to meet Riddler and there was a character played by Keoghan. In the end, he did not go to the film version of production. However, Reeves indicated that they will likely release it after the show’s premiere, because it’s a very interesting sequence. As a reminder, according to speculation, Keoghan is supposed to play the famous villain, Joker, and Reeves may be carefully hiding this fact.

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Batman – PG-13 Class

In addition, the director revealed that since the beginning of his collaboration with Warner Bros. In the movie about the Dark Knight there was one rule – the production was from the age group PG-13. Reeves said he could do it safely because he had to find that balance in the Planet of the Apes shows, too. He decided he could bend the PG-13 to show what he wanted in the movie.

Batman The premiere of the film in Polish cinemas on March 4th.

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