Klaudia Halejcio owns an impressive house, but also has a large loan to pay off.  It will take them some time.  “Together is so cool”

This year in my life Claudia Halleggio There was a small revolution. The actress and her partner Oscar welcomed their first visit to the world Baby. They also moved into an impressive house. Like many people, they took out a loan to buy a new outlet, as Halejcio herself stated in one of the interviews.

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Klaudia Halejcio will pay the loan for a new home for a long time

Klaudia Halejcio’s new apartment is impressive. The actress on Instagram boasts of her “Four Corners” shots. Thanks to this, we saw that he had it at his disposal, among other things salon Overlooking the garden and street The elegantly furnished palace is dominated by marble, light colors and large glass wallsWhich adds spaciousness to the interior.

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A while ago, the media reported that the star and her lover spent about nine million zlotys on the villa. Halejcio pointed this out in an interview with reporter Pomponik. I was surprised by the amount. By the way, you mentioned a loan, the installments of which must be paid by both of them and their partner.

Yes? Does it cost a lot? Look, I signed the loan, I didn’t know what, but it spread over 30 years. She responded together, very cool.

When asked by a reporter, she indicated that it was not a joke.

I’m serious. You have to pay every month. If not, you screwed up – she added.

They have not forgotten something as important as property insurance. And in a funny way, the star said that her lover took care of this matter.

I am inexhaustible, I am an artist. It’s my Oscar who’s running this whole situation here – reporter has learned.

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When asked if Haligsio and her relatives could feel safe in this regard, she explained that she had been feeling herself about her partner for a long time.

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