Jagiellonia Białystok tied with Pogoń Szczecin in the 30th round of the Ekstraklasa

The position of the Bialystok team, which is competing for its first championship title in history, was very good heading into Friday's match, but on Friday it had a difficult task ahead of it.

He has already lost to Pogoń twice this year. At the beginning of April, Port proved to be the better team in the semi-final of the Polish Cup, winning at home after extra time 2:1. They also defeated Jagiellonia in the autumn round of the Super League – 2:1 in October.

– In these matches, we played not only against eleven players from Pogoń, but also against a large crowd that strongly supported them in Szczecin. Jagiellonia coach Adrian Semenets confirmed that this situation will turn around on Friday.

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In fact, buoyed by the spontaneous cheering, the Białystok team did everything they could to get back at Port from the start. Afemiko Pololu had two chances in the first five minutes. Shortly thereafter, Christopher Hansen also had a good chance. The goal was hanging in the air for the home team, but in the 15th minute they tried to launch a counterattack.

Wahan Biczachczyan sent a wonderful pass to Kamil Grosicki, who ran with the ball several dozen metres, ran into the penalty area and shot past Zlatan Alomirovich, who was leaving the goal. The 93-time Polish representative did not celebrate the goal out of respect for his former club.

Losing the goal did not break Jagiellonia. In fact, it has further stimulated the attacks. The effects really came in the 23rd minute. Pololu took advantage of Nene's pass and the result was a draw. The residents of Białystok did not stop there. They played as they had done for most of the season, while Szczecin's team focused mainly on defence. It looked as if he was regaining his strength ahead of Thursday's Polish Cup final (at PGE Narodowy Stadium against First League side Wisła Kraków). Before the end of the first half, he paid the price for that by conceding the second goal. Bartlomiej and Dueck passed the ball from the left wing to the fifth meter towards Jesus Emaz, who beat Valentin Cojocaru with a confident header.

The break was good for Bortovic. Since the beginning of the second half, they tried to compensate for the losses. Grosicki, in particular, was very active, and Bekzakhchian sent a warning signal to his rivals with a long-range effort. However, Alomirovich made a major intervention. In the 58th minute, Gaja's goalkeeper was unable to do anything and was forced to take the ball out of the net. Following Grosek's cross, Leo Borges fought his way through the confusion in the penalty area and equalised.

The visitors did not want to stop there. In the 69th minute, Efthymios Koulouris scored a goal, but the line referee immediately indicated to Simon Marciniak that the Greek was offside. The referee canceled the strike and until the end of the match, the fans watched an even contest. The two teams competed to win the match, but no goals were scored.

Dominik Marczuk missed the match ball in the last eighth minute of stoppage time, as he passed brilliantly between two opponents, but his shot from a few meters away passed the right post from the outside. That should have been a goal! The Premier League leaders, instead of having a seven-point lead over second-placed Olsk Wrocław, who have not played in this round yet, have five points.

Friday's match was Jagiellonia's last match of the season against a major rival. Podlasie will still face Stal Mielec, Korona Kielce, Piast Gliwice and Warta Poznań. Pogoń is fourth in the table.

Goals: Afemiko Pololo (24), Jesús Imaz (45), Camil Grosicki (15), Leo Borges (58).

Referee: Simon Marciniak (Pok). Viewers: 19,474.

Jagiellonia Białystok: Zlatan Alomirovich – Michal Sack, Mateusz Skrzepczak, Adrian Diguez, Bartlomiej Fedwik – Dominik Marczuk, Nene (84. Jaroslav Kubicki), Taras Romanchuk, Christopher Hansen (78. Jose Naranjo) – Jesús Imaz, Afemiko Pololo (84. Can). ). caliscanner).

Pojon Szczecin: Valentin Cojocaru – Linus Wallqvist, Leo Borges, Marius Malik, Leonardo Kotris (74. Benedikt Zec) – Joao Gamboa, Wahan Beczachjan, Kasper Smolenski (70. Adrian Przyborek), Frederik Ulvestad, Kamil Grosecki (90+2. Marcel) ). ) Wędrychowski) – Efthymis Koulouris.

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