March 24, 2023


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Liszowska refused to participate in these scenes.  I asked for double - o2

Liszowska refused to participate in these scenes. I asked for double – o2

Joanna Lisowska is one of the most famous film, theater and television actresses in Poland. She made her small screen debut in 2002 with the role of Edita dancer in the series “Szpital na perypetiach”. Later, it can be seen in “Kasia i Tomek”, “M jak miłość”, “Na dobre i na bad” or “Kryminalnych”. Since 2012, he plays the role of Patrycja Kochan in the series “Przyjaciółki”.

Work began with the screening of Edita Volwarska’s best-selling novel. “Bocuse” directed by Maria Sadowska (“Sztoka Kochania”, “Girls from Dubai”). The main roles will be played by the daughter of Jan Englert – Helena Englert, Peter Stramovsky and Joanna Lisowska.

The film is about a young woman who dreams of a luxurious life and a wardrobe full of designer clothes. But so far she is unemployed, driving a rickety car and renting a microscopic apartment. Her fate changes when she drives a handsome, wealthy and arrogant man in a black Porsche.

In “Pokusy”, Joanna Liszowska plays the main character’s boss (i.e. that young woman). According to the “Super Express” website, the actress was scheduled to play an erotic scene with Pyotr Stramovsky, but she refused to participate in it and asked for a double. It turns out that the “Friends” star did not even want to kiss her film partner.

The comfort of the actors on the set of this movie is very important to everyone. They have really powerful scenes to play. Marysia approaches the topic gently, and no one has to do anything, so the situation with Liszowska is solved by the use of a similar weakness for her – said a person associated with the “Super Express”.

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