The German cried when... they stole his car.  And much more.  They're going to sit down because they hit the gates in A2

The arrest was made a few days ago, but the police have long been investigating a group of thieves. They mainly steal Japanese cars – Mazda and Nissan, but they “imported” cars from beyond our western borders – from Germany.

The first two people were arrested

Two main people in the group were caught red-handed, but this moment was preceded by an investigation that lasted for several days. The officers learned that at the crime scene – to Germany – thieves drive Toyota Avensis, and in Poland they mainly use highways and national roads. They also suspected that they were returning to Poland “in two cars”.

Moreover, the officers found that only in early July and August the criminals stole at least four cars – a Mazda MX-5 and three Nissan X-trail cars. They had another Mazda MX-5 to “win,” and they had to go to Germany for it.

So it happened. On Sunday, August 8, the thieves went to our western neighbors in a Toyota Avensis, and the police followed them all the way to the border. They then monitored all the border crossings and possible routes for the return of the group members. On the same day, they were spotted on the A2 motorway. They drove – as expected – two cars – Toyota Avensis and Mazda MX-5.

The arrest took place in A2, when the thieves stopped at the point of collecting fees, the so-called targets. Police officers from Warsaw participated in the operation with the support of officers from Pozna, and the arrest itself was dynamic – Prescribe the police. One of the men closed the car and the other tried to escape.

A car used by criminals in thefts Photo: Warsaw Police Headquarters

The process pattern was always the same

The police decided that criminals always behave the same way. The 43-year-old was responsible for breaking into the car and starting it. When he was successful, he packed Toyota Avensis equipment and returned with it to Poland. All tools are found in this car used For theft – car lock breakers, pneumatic door cushion and many cell phones.

Behind the wheel of the stolen car, the 32-year-old partner was an older thief who drove the car to a designated location in Germany. There, the car was waiting for its turn – the 32-year-old took them to Poland only on the occasion of his next visit to our western neighbors.

Having reached the Vistula River, the thieves left their cars in a “hollow”. Moreover, the fence that cooperates with the men, which has not yet been found, took care of them. This was the fate of the three Nissan cars mentioned above and one Mazda. These cars cannot be restored. The second Mazda, in which the 32-year-old was arrested, was in turn wanted by the German police.

According to the services, the criminals acted quickly and efficiently. Within a day, they were able to steal several cars in Germany and leave them in places where they were waiting for transport to Poland. By the way, the thieves had already chosen more cars to steal. Currently, they have been detained for three months, but they face 10 years in prison.

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