February 4, 2023


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Spider-Man 4 - Rumor has it about the introduction of an important superhero.  Peter may be his mentor

Spider-Man 4 – Rumor has it about the introduction of an important superhero. Peter may be his mentor

Attention! This content is a rumour, or may be proven true but is not necessary.

Scooper Viewer Anon, whose reports have been confirmed more than once, says Marvel Studios and Sony are considering introducing Miles Morales in spider mania 4. Animation lovers Spider-Man Uniwersum They know he’s also Spider-Man. Peter is still broken after the situation with There is no escape from home. In the course of the new story, he was getting acquainted with him and developing a close relationship with him. It is possible that he will become a mentor to a new superhero. The reports are confirmed by another trusted scoop MyTimeToShine.

Spider-Man 4 – What do we know?

Marvel Studios is largely responsible for what Spider’s adventures look like, so they’re planning ahead for it to be MCU compatible. So we know there are definitely different ideas at this point, and the Miles case can be assumed to be one of them. However, the project is so early in the planning stage that things may change. So, let’s treat this information with distance.

Except for the fact that Spider-Man 4 will be made and will be part of the MCU. This was confirmed by the producers on behalf of Sony and the head of the MCU, Kevin Feige himself. Nothing official was known about the plot. We also don’t know the possible release date, but it will undoubtedly be a few years away.

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