June 3, 2023


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Katarzyna Skrzynica pointed out the absurdities of the Polish airline.  "I'm crazy"

Katarzyna Skrzynica pointed out the absurdities of the Polish airline. “I’m crazy”

  • Katarzyna Skrzynecka is back from vacation in Greece. Before leaving, I encountered a strange situation regarding the quality of services provided by Polish Airlines
  • The actress drew attention to the terrible quality of the site of the local carrier. As proof of this, she offered her fans inappropriate translations of the site intended for Polish-speaking travelers
  • “Why and why are some texts written in a foreign language being explained by the robot on the POLISH website for Polish domestic flights of Polish airlines, instead of just typing the appropriate formulas in Polish?” The star on Instagram is amazed
  • The actress’s entry sparked a discussion about the quality of the Polish carrier’s services, as well as the general situation regarding flights at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Skrzynecka has also joined the discussion about the absurdities of current rules at airports
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Katarzyna Skrzenica She spent the last few days in Greece, which was years ago It’s a permanent vacation spot. This is where she regularly goes with her husband – Marcin Shubuki – and bent, to rest and recharge the batteries before next season at work in theater and television. It wasn’t any different this time, and she bragged about the following days of happy rest on Instagram. She also informed fans of her return to Poland, but what she encountered before the trip shocked her.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

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Katarzyna Skrzynica pointed out the absurdities of the Polish airline. “I’m crazy”

Katarzyna Skrzynecka described everything quite accurately, of course. It turns out that it is about the quality of the translation of information on the website of the Polish carrier, and more precisely – on the tab dedicated to Polish-speaking tourists. The site is full of incomprehensible, somewhat simplified and meaningless translations.

“Trying to download your boarding pass online, on the way back from Greece, with a Ryanair night flight from Crete to Wroclaw, then with LOT POLISH Airlines, a domestic flight, from a Polish city to a Polish city (Warsaw), I was originated by the POLISH website of Polish airlines, in POLISH (???) to check out Polish travelers… and I’m CZYYYTAAM »to me«. Do not believe and wonder Why and why do some texts in a foreign language robot translate on the Polish page of Polish domestic flights of Polish Airlines, instead of just typing the appropriate formulas in Polish???– Katarzyna Skrzynecka amazed.

She later added in her post:

At the end of the post, Katarzyna Skrzenica wished her observers a “happy departure in the new week.” The photo was also decorated with several hashtags such as: “Candy“,”but the eggs“,”Contact lens temperature has been increased” I “Laughter is good for health“.

The entry of Katarzyna Skrzynecka to the delight of netizens, as well as sparked a great debate about the prevalent absurdities of sky-traveling. Internet users have noted, for example, that at airports one must maintain a social distance, which is no longer the case for flights.. One netizen noted that you have to keep your distance from the waiting room at the airport, but in the same plane you are already sitting half a meter next to the other person, she commented:

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There were also several humorous comments under the entry, noting the incompetent translation of the Polish site. Internet users wrote:

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