December 5, 2022


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Will Plato's Artificial Intelligence Create The Terminator?  can learn

Will Plato’s Artificial Intelligence Create The Terminator? can learn

James Cameron’s cult moviefinisher“He presented an apocalyptic vision of a world in which artificial intelligence had gained self-awareness. Man was considered an evil threatening the planet and decided to destroy humanity. In Cameron’s vision, the decisive element”Awakening the artificial intelligence system(Amnesty International – M. Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence) is the ability to learn from its mistakes. And again, reality caught up with the visions of the creators of science fiction.

Regularly in the global media, there is information about new and more advanced artificial intelligence systems present in them self improvement systems. The named AI system is particularly interesting plateauThat the scientific journal just wrote about The nature of human behavior. Scientists were amazed that the AI ​​algorithm they created began to learn so quickly.

How does PLATO work? Its creators watched young children learn about the world around them through, for example, touch. The child notes that for example Nothing can go through the wall with impunity, and thanks to this I got to know the nature of the matter around us. The same mechanism was used to create the system algorithm plateau.

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Seeing self-learning robots so far is a song from the future, although hopefully it won’t be in the version of “finisher“However, the PLATO system could mark a whole new era in self-driving cars.

Self-driving cars after a busy day thanks to artificial intelligence plateau Learn about the unusual behavior of drivers. Even the craziest behavior of other traffic users The artificial intelligence system installed in the car will not surpriseBecause he knew them before and learned how to deal with them properly. Thanks to PLATO, the cars of the future will know drivers’ weaknesses, preferences and habits on the road. The safety of driverless driving will increase and you just have to keep your fingers crossed that one day they will not realize they are there, because maybe later.