He started working on a movie and a series about Irina Garuka.  We know the details

He hits Irina GarukaLike for example “Cafés are leaving”, “I invented you”, “I am a butterfly” or “Gondoliers of the Vistula” were known and sung throughout Poland. In the seventies with Anna Jantar He was one of the leading Polish singers. Her death in January 2012 came as a shock and blow to many of her fans. Only the closest people knew that Irina Garuka had a brain tumor. Soon everyone will be able to remember the story of the artist, because the filmmakers are preparing to surprise her fans. This was reported by Mariola Brezuan, who in October 2022 published the book “Irina Garuka about herself”. In it, she collected interviews she gave with the singer in the past.

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He started working on a movie and a series about Irina Garuka

It turns out that work has already begun not only on the series, but also on a film about Irina Garuka. “Dear friends, I have been saying for years that the biographies of the heroes of my books are material for a film. There was already a series dedicated to Anna German, and now my next dream is being realized. A feature film and a four-episode series about Irina Garuka! FB.

The author also revealed the working title of the production – “Garynka. The story of Irina Garuyka”.

The creator of the project and the director is Krzysztof Łączak, who previously worked on such productions as “Furioza”, “Osiecka” or “Commissioner Mama”. The producer is Agnieszka Porzezińska, who most recently worked on the award-winning film “Johnny”.

It is still not known which actress will play Irina Garuka. Transmission is scheduled to begin in early 2023.

– says Krzysztof Łączak in an interview with Plejada.


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