Are you planning to buy a used car?  There are fewer and fewer of them and the prices are going up

To buy a used car now, you have to be really lucky and have more money. From month to month, there are fewer and fewer cars available, whether it’s in consignment stores or on the Internet. The situation has been known for some time, but it is undoubtedly starting to gain momentum. There are several reasons for this. Those who want to buy a reasonably cheap and practical car suffer from this, because they are looking for such cars.

Used car is not available as before

In the past, selling the car was such that the person involved could negotiate because there was so much to choose from. Not that different, with someone else and at a better price. It’s a little different now. Whoever finds a used car once, it is better not to delay the time, and two – do not count on negotiations and reduce the price. Statistically, there are many more people who want to buy a particular car than before, and since there is a shortage in the market, someone will be tempted and pushed.

According to AAA Auto, only in August, the market shrank by 36,795 cars. Last month, there were 199,112 used car deals in Poland, which is 15,403 less than in July. It’s also another month in which a downtrend can be seen, which indicates the difficulty of purchasing the car and its availability.

This also means that for every car available on the market, we pay more statistically in the amount of 1,500 PLN. Statistically, we also buy cars with more and more miles than last year. In short, the situation does not seem very interesting to many people who wanted to invest the money saved in a used car at the end of the year.

Diesel used car

Fewer and fewer people want to sell their cars

Although the situation in the market allows you to earn a little more, for example, from the sale of a car a year ago (although it is older than a year!), rarely anyone decides to do this. This is mainly due to the fact that it is difficult to buy a good used car after the sale. So it works both ways and comes back like a lever for the driver. There is also no satisfaction with high earnings, because the more expensive the car later, the more you have to add it than before.

In addition, customers are less willing to sell their cars, because you have to wait a long time for new cars. Most manufacturers already have deadlines of more than half a year or even about a year. Thus, even if someone has already bought a new car, they must have something to drive at the moment, and they should refrain from selling it.

Diesel used car

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