Why do you go to the cinema?  “Time of the Blood Moon”, “Little Rose 2”, “The Picture”

“Blood Moon Time” Martina Scorsese It is the result of the director’s tenth collaboration with Robert De Niro And the sixth – D Leonardo DiCaprio. after “Irish” – referring to the poetics of gangster cinema, which has been his specialty for years – in his latest works, the master changes the tone slightly, mixing several genres, but remaining closest to the Western tradition. The film debuted at Cannes this year and was pure insanity. Tickets sold out in seconds, and after the screening, reviewers praised Scorsese’s latest work.

The screenplay – co-written by Scorsese and Eric Roth – was based on the non-fiction book “The Time of the Blood Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI” by David Grann, dedicated to a series of murders committed in 2013. The 1930s in Oklahoma against the Osage Indians. Because of the oil deposits in this region, this tribe was named the richest Indians in America.

The main character of the film, Ernest Burckhardt (DiCaprio), comes to the farm of his uncle William Hill (De Niro) – a mafia leader who presents himself as a friend of the Indians, but in reality he will stop at nothing to steal. Their wealth. After alerting Hale to the wealthy tribe they are dealing with, Burkhart decides to support his nefarious idea to get rich. The plan is temporarily thrown into question when Ernest meets Indian Molly (Lily Gladstone) who charmed him from the first meeting.

“Little Rose 2” Jean Kidawa-Blonsky It is a subtle continuation of his famous 2010 film, winner of the Golden Lion at the Gdynia Film Festival. Joanna Varczewska (Magdalena Poczarska) He has it all: great love and a thriving career. But this orderly life was suddenly disrupted by a terrorist attack in which her beloved husband died (Pawel Malaszynski). When fate gives Joanna a new chance at life, she is dealt another blow. Someone sends insulting photos and documents to her family, and demands hundreds of thousands of euros in exchange for silence. Joanna decides to confront the blackmailer and the truth about her past alone. She is willing to risk everything to regain control of her life and uncover the complex conspiracy she has been drawn into. What role will the mysterious agent play in this dramatic game?Jacek Brasiak(influential politician)Janusz Gagos(And a friend from the past)Robert Wieckiewicz)? Its outcome could affect the fate of millions, and time is not on Joanna’s side.

“Viewer” Robert Glinsky It is a story about an agent of the Communist Security Service who monitored Karol Wojtyla for 20 years. Thanks to its unusual protagonist, the film presents well-known facts in a unique way (the struggle to build a church in Nowa Huta in Krakow, the surveillance of church circles by the Security Service). “Personality” is not a biographical story about the future pope, Karol Wojtyla is merely a catalyst for the action. For promotions, money and career Bronk Budney (Matthew Wetzlawick) pushes the limits of moral compromise even further, and Wojtyla’s surveillance becomes his obsession. The film’s hero delves deeper and deeper into the isolated and immoral world of the secret services and descends into the abyss of loneliness, evil and crime.

A story about a first summer love, or perhaps a suspenseful ghost story? “Hawk Lake” – The debut of the Canadian director Charlotte Le Bon – Combines these two elements. Thirteen-year-old Bastian spends the following lazy days in a summer house by the lake. The boy is clearly infatuated with the girl next door, the slightly older Chloe. She, distant at first, responds to the young hero’s attention, and their relationship grows closer with every moment they spend together. Despite the age difference, a special relationship is formed between the teenage characters, full of innocent actions and turbulent emotions, but also slightly terrifying stories.

British comedy “Wonder Woman Club” Thaddeus O’Sullivan It takes place in the sixties. Three women from a working class area of ​​Dublin – Lily (Maggie Smith), Eileen (Kathy Bates(I’m Dolly)Agnes O’Casey), they want to make a pilgrimage to the famous French sanctuary in Lourdes. Thanks to the parish talent competition, they can finally make that dream come true. As they set out on their journey, they are joined by a very skeptical Chrissy (Laura Linney) who hides bitterness beneath her charm and self-confidence. Along the way, old traumas come back to life, forcing the journey’s participants to confront their traumatic pasts. Will friendship and compassion have a healing effect?

Main characters in Danish “overlap” is marriage (Marie Bach Hansen, Mikkel Bo Volsgaard) Artists in crisis who, in search of inspiration, abandon the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen for a house by a lake somewhere in the Swedish forests. However, the peace of the dream is disturbed by disturbing events and a suspicious family from the other side of the lake. One day, their son gets lost in the woods and his belongings change. The film was compared by foreign critics to last year’s film “guests” Christiana TavdrobaIt attracted crowds of viewers to Danish cinemas. He delights in the unsettling, skin-tingling atmosphere of anxiety and the grotesque. Director and screenwriter making her feature film debut Caroline Lingby It uses genre tropes to create a careful dissection of the internal breakdown of a relationship. The result is a unique work that will delight fans of horror cinema and those who crave mental dilemmas.

Another of the premieres on Friday is an animated comedy “Ghost Road”. It’s been 300 years since Sir Simon Canterville was doing what he loved most in the world – as a ghost, haunting his family home and chilling all who dare cross his threshold. Everything changes when an American family moves into the mansion and doesn’t care about its heart-attack-inducing tricks straight from the afterlife. Despite attempts to keep the uninvited guests away, Canterville failed. However, the Ghost, devastated by the situation, gains hope when he contacts Virginia, the eldest daughter of the new hosts. Together they embark on a journey to a magical garden to find the cause of a 300-year-old curse. If they succeed, the soul of Canterville will be free, but if they fail, they will be imprisoned forever.

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